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Sometimes in our lives, we cannot control what is around us, but we can control what is inside us. Choose wisely, be brave. Don’t forget who you are and what you want to become. ALTHOUGH Things change daily, keep hope and love strong and shining in your hearts and you will succeed and will win!
TOOTHBRUSH                                                                                                                                                                                        NAMED

By  Dulce  Martins

The Factory and
The Future Mission of Little Louie
The Unexpected Experience
Little Louie Makes New Friends
The  Mission that Almost Failed
The Noble Mission is Finally Accomplished


The Factory and
The Future Mission of Little Louie­


ONCE UPON A TIME , there was a cute and enchanting little toothbrush named Little Louie.
When Little Louie came out of the manufacturing line at the factory on a comfortable conveyor belt, he was ready to be packed up and possibly sold to a family where he would be useful to some special child in this world.
Little Louie was quite thrilled about his upcoming future. While he was still on the assembly line, he received instructions from the TMT (Toothbrush Management Team) as to how he should behave and do a good work in order to benefit the lives of human children.

They instructed him concerning the main reason for which he and other little toothbrushes had been created, that is, to keep children’s teeth clean and healthy!

Little Louie learned that children, unlike their parents, have teeth that are smaller, softer, and a little different from the teeth of adults, called milk teeth.

          Toothbrushes do not need money, food or luxury.  They only need to be treated well, with some good care and hygiene.  They like to be placed inside a tall cup or hung on a clean holder inside the bathroom cabinet. 

Most importantly, toothbrushes only need to be kept clean and dry.  They need to be protected from insects and humid areas that create bacteria, which cause gum and mouth disease.

While he was still in the packing department, Little Louie met several other little toothbrushes.  He easily made friends with them all.

          All of the other toothbrushes were also excited about the great expectations ahead.

          One toothbrush Little Louie made friends with was called Little Billy.  His color was shiny green.  He also had sparkling dots, just like Little Louie.

          Little Billy was very happy.  He told Little Louie how he imagined his new life would be: ‘Little Louie, you know, I’m going to live in a fabulous bathroom!’

‘Well, Little Billy.  How do you know what a bathroom really looks like? And what does ‘fabulous’ mean to you?  As far as I’m concerned, you’ve never been to a bathroom at all!’
‘You’re right.  I’ve never been to one of them, but I’ve been told a lot about them. And “fabulous” means wonderful, marvelous and extraordinary.’

‘Who told you all that?’ Little Louie wanted to know.

‘Don’t you know?’ Asked Little Billy.  Then explained: ‘When I got off the conveyor belt, I met some toothbrushes that had participated on a TV commercial for our manufacturer. Perhaps you are going to meet them, too.’

‘Meet them?’  Little Louie asked.

‘Yes, Little Louie.  They are going to share their experience with all of us. 

They visited the bathroom of a family and said that it was very beautiful, clean, and cozy, with a lovely fragrance.  They said they tried some toothpaste and found their taste to be delicious.  During that commercial for television, they were asked to help show how tooth brushing should be done: from top to bottom, and from bottom up, without pressing too much on the gums.  Not with quick and crazy movements, but with soft, gentle, circular ones.’

Little Louie heard all of that and was quite fascinated.  In a way, he became very anxious to meet those other toothbrushes and wanted to learn more about their experiences.

The end of the conveyor belt was approaching.  He and Little Billy only had time to say goodbye and wished each other good luck.

Sometime later our friend Little Louie and the others were packed in a package with the front of plastic, and this was a tremendous feast because everyone found it funny to have their faces looking different. They even made faces and everybody thought it was funny to have their faces modified behind that plastic. Then they were placed inside a big cardboard box together with a lot of other little toothbrushes.  There was a hurly-burly, merrymaking all around!

By coincidence, Little Billy was in that same box with Little Louie.  Would they also be together on the same shelf of a drugstore, department store, or even in the same bathroom? Both of them wondered about these possibilities.

There were so much noise and excitement inside the box.  They were already on the truck and how come the driver couldn’t hear them?

The noise continued: ‘My name is Little Angel Face.’  ‘Mine is Little Whity .’  ‘Mine is Baby Blue.’ ‘Your color looks different! What’s your name?’  ‘What do you suppose our lives will be like?  So much chatter, but to sum it all, these naïve or innocent little toothbrushes knew nothing about real life.  The fact is that the lives of these inexperienced toothbrushes seem to be a lot like the lives of us real people.

We are born in this world, grow up, and little by little begin to understand life and the purpose of our being here: what is good and evil, what is right and wrong, and what we need to learn and choose in order to do our best.

Those innocent toothbrushes were to enter the world to become part of it.  The pure desires of their hearts were to do their work well and to help the world become a better place to live in.

          The duties of both people and toothbrushes are very similar and important; and, if done well, will bring happiness and a strong feeling of achievement and success.

The Unexpected Experience


Little Louie and his toothbrush friends traveled a long distance away from the factory.  As time went by, the talk began  to drop off, and they all fell asleep, except Little Louie.

          He was too excited to fall asleep.  He was also too agitated in his thinking.  Now he had a physical body and form.  Before that, he was just raw material or matter.  He knew nothing about his future.  Then men’s hands took hold of some special raw materials and changed him into a beautiful little toothbrush – with the sacred mission of keeping children’s mouths clean and healthy.  How very special he felt!

          Suddenly and unexpectedly, something strange happened to the truck that was carrying them.  Little Louie and the others felt a strong bump.  The truck began to swerve, shake, tremble, and flip-flop to and fro.

          All the toothbrushes woke up when the truck started rolling down the hill.

          Inside the cardboard boxes, the toothbrushes started screaming out: ‘What’s happening?’  ‘What’s this noise?’  ‘What’s this shaking?’

          Little Louie was scared to death.  His mind was confused.  He didn’t have the slightest idea about what was going on.

          At last, after many shakes, rattles, rolls, bumps, and blows, the truck came to a halt on the road below.  At that point, the back doors of the truck broke open and most of the boxes fell out, landing close to the truck, except for the box containing Little Louie and his friends, which was thrown a little further down near a narrow valley. 

While the box rolled down the ravine, you could still hear shouts and cries of despair: ‘Get me out of here, someone!’  ‘Somebody, take me back to the factory, please!!!

Among the toothbrushes, no one knew exactly what had happened.  They just knew the situation was not good at all.

          Soon the news spread: ‘A truck went off the road and rolled down the hill, because the driver dozed off, and caused such an accident.’ Someone said: ‘I leave her my protest: Men should not drive if they are very tired; it is as if they were drunk and they could kill themselves and their family. Therefore they should not drive under this condition!’ (We will see that because of this accident, Little Louie’s life was totally affected).

          As soon as the people found out about the accident, it was not dawn yet, and they all rushed to the scene. After helping the driver, they all grabbed the boxes that had fallen off the truck and gotten spread out on the road and put it back on the truck. When help came, everything was almost under control.  What an example to be followed!

Despite the seriousness of the accident, the driver didn’t get hurt badly. 
          Now, remember the box where Little Louie and his friend Little Billy and the others were?   That box continued rolling farther down until it finally fell in front of the door of an old shack at the bottom of the cliff. Inside that box, conversation still went on and there so many questions without answers.

          Tim, a boy who knew nothing about the accident, wondered: ‘Why would someone leave this box at my doorstep? Who gave it to me? Someone that wanted to remain anonymous’

He thought, ‘I’ll take it inside the house and get something to open it with.’ 

          Inside the box, the toothbrushes were asking: ‘Where on earth are they taking us now?  What’s really happening to us?  Is this going to be our ending destination, after all?’  Still so many unanswered questions!

          Tim lived in that poor little hut alongside that mountain.  He sold coconut candies to the drivers who stopped by the waterspout pipe, at the side of the road. The water came cold from inside the mountain.

Tim was very excited and curious to find out what was inside the box.  After dragging it inside the house, he opened it. He was astonished to see so many beautiful, sparkling little toothbrushes.

          ‘Little toothbrushes!’  He exclaimed and continued, ‘Oh, boy, this is so nice! My toothbrush is already expiring!’

          Then he took them all out of the box.  He thought that they were amazingly beautiful, of every glittering color.

          The first one he grabbed was Little Louie, whose color was light blue.
          Little Louie was amazed at the sight of that little boy’s face.  Was that the so-called child he had heard so much about at the factory and on the truck?

          Tim headed for his bathroom with Little Louie in his hand. He thought about the other little toothbrushes… ‘Maybe I would like a different one better.’

          He curiously stared at Little Louie and Little Louie stared back at him. 

Then Little Louie looked around the house and said to himself, ‘Ah, there’s the bathroom!  Is that the place where I’ll stay? Where will I sleep? But most important of all, when will I start my job?’

Tim took all the toothbrushes out of the box again.  He put Little Louie down near Little Billy and the others.

          He then picked Little Billy up and said, ‘I think I like this
green one better.  ‘Ah, it’s written here that it is named Little
Billy. I liked it. This toothbrush is just as beautiful and shiny
as the blue one!’

          Tim then placed all the toothbrushes back in the box, including Little Louie. 

He stood up, holding Little Billy in his hand, saving it for himself.

          ‘I’m going to sell all the at the water sprout, and besides, those who eat candies have more need of brushing the teeth more often. This one, however, I’ll keep for myself,’ Tim decided.
          Little Billy was upset at the thought of being away from his friends.  However, he was happy he could soon start working.

Later on, as usual, Tim was at the waterspout pipe and started offering the toothbrushes to the clients that stopped over to buy the coconut candies and drink water. 

Also, Tim’s teeth sure looked great.  They were shiny!  It was obvious that Little Billy had done his first good job.
‘Want to buy this little toothbrush, ma’am?’

‘Mom, please buy me this one.  I need a new toothbrush.’

‘No, you do not.  Your toothbrush is still brand new and it is very good.’

‘Oh, it’s getting old already and I love this one.  Please, mom…’ Said Bobby to his mother as he grabbed Little Louie.

‘It’s not that expensive, ma’am,’  Tim added.

‘All right.  We’ll take it.’  The woman agreed and paid for it.

Now in the hands of that new child, Little Louie followed his unknown fate.

Inside the car, the boy soon took him out of the comfortable and protected, transparent plastic wrapping, and ran his nails through Little Louie’s bristles.

‘Hey, stop it!  You’re giving me the creeps!’ Little Louie complained. However, the boy couldn’t hear him.

Bob’s mother rebuked the kid and he stopped doing that for only a moment; but as soon as the mother was no longer paying attention, he rubbed Little Louie’s bristles on the seat fabric.

Little Louie shouted, ‘Please, stop it!  That hurts.  Besides, this is not the job I’m supposed to be doing!  I wasn’t made for this.  You’re spoiling and contaminating my bristles!’

So the trip was disgusting for Little Louie.  He was tired, worried and aching all over.

‘What a naughty little kid!’ He thought.

Little Louie Makes New Friends


As soon as Bobby and his family arrived home, the mother instructed: ‘Bobby, put your new toothbrush away in the bathroom cabinet right now and get ready to eat.’

When Little Louie heard that, he thought, ‘Wow! Now I’m going to see what a bathroom actually looks like!’

Bobby quickly climbed the stairs, entered the bathroom.

Little Louis, however, was quick to notice that the bathroom was actually a very luxurious one: tiles up to the ceiling, a beautiful, shiny tub, soft mats, etc.  A real child’s bathroom, made out of several different colors and good taste.  The cabinet had specific places for everything: colognes, shampoos, hairbrushes, combs, toothpaste tubes, and toothbrushes. 

          It was really nice and pleasing.  Every corner was clean and dry.  Everything was exactly like Little Billy had described to him.

Little Louie thought, ‘This is paradise!  I just need to start doing my work now!’

Little Louie was placed between two other toothbrushes.  One was navy blue and the other one was kind of pinkish.  He noticed that they were somewhat new.

This was Little Louie’s new home.  He was a little scared, though, because Bobby suddenly slammed the cabinet door and left.

Well, this was not quite what Little Louie had expected from his first experience in the new world, but despite all this, he still liked his new environment.

As soon as he made himself at home, the pinkish little toothbrush on his left side asked him.
 ‘What is your name?’ the pinkish toothbrush asked.
‘Little Louie, and yours?’

‘Sweet Caroline.  You know, the young girl who owns me

loves candies very much.’

‘Indeed, a really sweet name!’  Said Little Louie while

‘Thank you.  Yours is very charming, too.’

The navy blue toothbrush with wavy bristles that was
on his right side interrupted: ‘Hey, and my name? Aren’t you going to ask?’

‘Oh, sure! What is your name?’  Little Louie asked.

‘Wavy, the great!’ (Some people call me Davy due to the similarity of sound.)

‘The great? Aren’t we all the same size?’  Little Louie
demanded an answer.

‘Haven’t you noticed my wavy bristles and that my color
is as strong as the ocean?  In a certain way that makes me quite masculine!’

‘My dear friend, I am light blue as the sky, and just as
masculine as you are.’  Affirmed Little Louie, twisting his nose.

 ‘Don’t take it as an offense!  I was just kidding.  I like to
tease people.  I was doing this because it’s kind of boring in here.’  Wavy said this and smiled in a smart way. 

Caroline also smiled, but as she was sweet, she did it in a
discreet way.

Little Louie wanted to know more about his new home and asked, ‘Are there any more kids around the house?  Two boys and one girl, I suppose?’

‘No, no.  Just one boy and one girl, Bobby and Talita.’ 
Wavy advanced and answered.

‘And she’s such a cute girl!’  Caroline added.

‘But we are three little toothbrushes!’    Little Louie

‘Oh, now I remember Bobby and his mother’s
conversation about this when I was being sold to them.’  Little Louie went on and asked, ‘But why does he need two toothbrushes?’

‘I have no idea!’  Wavy answered.  ‘He doesn’t use my
brushing expertise very often, anyway, and every day there’s a lot of hustle and bustle around here. Bobby’s mother opens the cabinet, puts a whole lot of toothpaste all over me, and forces me inside his mouth.  I slip like a tornado along his teeth and
then it’s over.  I feel like I’m going to choke and drown.’

Little Louie became sad and uttered, ‘Oh, then I’m not going to be of much help around here.  This isn’t quite what I had expected!’

When evening came, it happened just as Wavy had described: Mother opened the cabinet and among various lectures of good behavior, she grabbed Wavy, the navy toothbrush, filled him up with toothpaste, and ‘vapt!  vupt! It was over and done with quickly.  She washed and rinsed his mouth and then mopped it with a towel, and then she put Wavy, under the faucet, dried it and then put it away back in the cabinet.

When Wavy was put back in his place, he was out of breath and somewhat dizzy.  ‘Boy, that was madness, wasn’t it?’ Wavy said, staring at Little Louie, and waited for his reaction.

Little Louie could hardly believe what he had seen. He said, ‘Bobby’s mother didn’t even notice I was in here.  A brand new, glittering, light blue toothbrush!  But to brush teeth like that!  No way!  We were not meant for that.  Our mission is much more special!’

Many days went by and poor Little Louie was never called to work.  He spent hours figuring out when his turn to start working would come . . .

What kind of conversation was Little Louie hearing now?

‘I’ll give you my new little toothbrush called Little Louie if you help me do my homework.’

‘Is it really new? And you’ve never used it?’

‘That’s right, Mike.  I only use Wavy Blue, my dark blue
toothbrush.  I’m used to it, and I think I like its color better.’

‘All right, then.  Now show Little Louie to me.  Where is it?

‘In the cabinet.’

Little Louie frowned when he heard that.

‘I’ll help you do your homework, but you’ll have to give it
to me right now.’

‘O.K., Mike.  It’s a deal!  You can have it now, but first let
me ask for my mother’s approval to give it to you, O.K.?

Bobby’s mother thought it was very nice of him and agreed.

After that, Bobby suddenly opened the cabinet and swiftly grabbed Little Louie.

Little Louie was abruptly pulled out of his ‘so called’ home, and was going to be passed on to a different owner, without having fulfilled his duty, and leaving no time for goodbyes.

Mike was only ten years old, but he knew how to behave.  He was well disciplined and accompanied his mother whenever she visited Bobby’s mother.

Little Louie was placed inside the pocket of Mike’s jacket and was taken back and forth at Bobby’s house.

Little Louie began to understand a little about the world surrounding him.  Mike’s mother had a peaceful countenance and her way of talking was very gentle and kind.  She worked for Bobby’s mother doing the laundry.

          Little Louie thought about his friend Little Billy.  He also thought about his experience he just had in Bobby’s fascinating bathroom.  These thoughts did not bring him much satisfaction, especially because he hadn’t done any work there. 

Little Louie arrived at the following conclusion: “It’s not enough to have a beautiful and comfortable place to live in.  The good things we can accomplish in this life are the things that really matter!’
The Mission that Almost Failed


          When Little Louie was taken over to Mike’s house, he got to know a different cabinet. 

The bathroom was modest; not so fabulous as Bobby’s, but it was quite clean and smelled good. 

          Inside the cabinet there were two toothbrushes, one for an adult and another for a child.  Both were beginning to be a little worn out.

          Little Louie was somewhat happy at last: ‘This time, I believe I’m going to end up doing some work in this place, somehow!’

As soon as he made himself comfortable, he wanted to get to know his new friends.

          The red toothbrush for adults was starting to be visibly exhausted.  Her bristles were beginning smash up.

          The little toothbrush, whose color was yellowish, seemed quite tired.

          Little Louie started the conversation: ‘My name is Little Louie.’
‘Hi, my name is Bendy.  I have this name because I am very flexible.  I find it very good that you’ve come here to replace me, I suppose.  In fact, I was waiting for someone to come along so I could rest.’

The red toothbrush smiled and introduced herself, ‘My name is Bristly.  You see, although they’re a little smashed now, I have a lot of bristles.  My name comes from there.  Welcome to your new home, Little Louie!  I believe you’re going to like it here, except for one little thing… ‘

‘One little thing?  What thing?’

‘Well, there is a man… a big one.  He’s Mike’s uncle.  He
travels all over the country.   When he comes here he insists on sharing me with Mike’s mother, without her knowledge.  Worst of all, he has such an offensive breath because of his drinking problem.  I get so dizzy each time I have to brush his teeth.  Most of my aging is due to this unpleasant situation.  On the other hand, Shirlene, Mike’s mother, is so delicate!  She knows how to use me very well, but that man…  O my! He is so rude, sometimes.

Little Louie was very sympathetic and said, ‘I’m so sorry, Bristly!  I’m happy to be a little toothbrush just for kids.  I don’t think I’d be able to put up with that.’

When evening came, Mike and his mother came to the bathroom sink to brush their teeth.
Little Louie was anxiously waiting to do his first job and thought: ‘This time I’m going to be useful, at last!’

Yet, it did not seem to be his turn.  Mike decided to keep Little Louie for special occasions only.  Again, Little Louie was disappointed!

          Next morning came and Mike still didn’t touch Little Louie.

          The cabinet was continuously opened and closed, but it was never for him.  Little Louie was totally frustrated and in great despair.

          One night, Little Louie heard a different voice in the house.  It sounded like a worn-out cassette tape.  It was the voice of Mike’s uncle.  Unfortunately, he was drunk and like almost any drunkard, he behaved very badly and one very uncomfortable scene was developed.   

          Little Louie, however, knew nothing about this kind of behavior. 

          All of a sudden, the cabinet door was opened.  It was time for Little Louie to frown again!

          The man grabbed the toothbrush named Bristly.  Mike, as usual, caught his old toothbrush name Bendy.

          When the man was about to put toothpaste on Bendy, the toothbrush, he noticed Little Louie there, the new, light blue, glittering toothbrush.

‘Oh, what is this?’ The man asked. 

Little Louie felt sick at his breath.

Mike reacted immediately: ‘Give me my little toothbrush.   It
was a gift from my friend Bobby.’ 

‘Gift? That’s a joke.  You must be lying.’

‘Please give it back to me. You know very well that I
don’t lie.’

‘Beat it!  I want to use this little toothbrush now.’

‘No!’ The boy yelled: ‘You can’t.  It’s brand new and it’s

The man raised Little Louie up to his mouth.  As he did this,
Little Louie cried out for help.  He wanted someone to hear him and save him from that man’s nauseous breath.

          Luckily, Little Louie didn’t enter the man’s mouth because he used that same hand to push Mike away.

          Then Mike’s uncle stepped outside of the bathroom with Little Louie still in his hand. 

He was very angry because Mike was grabbing his hands and clothes, trying to get his little toothbrush back.

          The man reached the back door of the house, and mercilessly threw Little Louie away toward the stream that flowed nearby.

The Noble Mission is Finally Accomplished


          Luckily, Mike’s mother was outside the house and was able to jump in the air and catch Little Louie who was going to end up drowned in the rapids of the stream that passed nearby.  Mike could hardly believe his eyes!  His mother was being a super hero!

His mother was amazing and awesome.  She caught Little Louie and gave him back to Mike. She was very upset at his uncle and firmly told him to leave immediately and return only when he was sober.  He apologized and left.

Little Louie hadn’t brushed a single tooth since he was made in the factory.   He thought he had such an important mission to fulfill!  However, without even having the hope of accomplishing one single good task, he had thought he was going to have the same fate as most retired toothbrushes.

          There were moments of absolute sadness; he had imagined he would have to spend the remaining days of his life soaked deep in brown or black shoe polish.  He was upset at the idea that he would be spreading shoe polish on shoes, rather than cleaning, and making healthy and white the most innocent teeth in the world!

Little Louie was part of a special limited edition, made of special raw material and bristles that had a very pleasant flavor.
Little Louie felt so good with his new owner.  After all that happened to him, Little Louie was almost sure that he would finally fulfill his mission this time.

          He found out that Mike’s father and mother had taught him a lot about the importance of brushing teeth regularly and correctly.

          Little Louie visualized he would be used several times a day.  Mike had been instructed that the movements should be from top to bottom, and from bottom up; with soft and circular
movements.  Of course, there were some other minor details he had learned from his parents, grandparents, teachers and the dentists he visited as well.

          Mike had also been taught that toothbrushes should always be kept clean and dry, in an appropriate and protected place.

          We all know that our friend Little Louie would do his very best to keep any child’s gum and teeth clean, healthy and free from decay, bacteria, or undesired diseases.

          Mike showed up in the bathroom, grabbed Little Louie, gazed happily at that beautiful little toothbrush, spread some toothpaste on it and began to use the toothbrush according to all he had learned from his family.

          Now Little Louie could say he was the happiest of all toothbrushes!  He knows that he and most other little toothbrushes anywhere else are perform a great service
to all children. He knows that all toothbrushes around the world want to accomplish the work and mission for which they were created.

                                      FINAL NOTES

        Little Louie is now sure that everybody is aware that awesome toothbrushes can provide a beneficial job to all people around the whole world, and even to their loved pets IF THEY SO DESIRE!

D   E   D   I   C   A   T   I   O   N
I dedicate this book to all children of the world, as well as my own children and grandchildren…



              I give special thanks to my husband Joseph for his love, companionship, and support regarding this and other books I have written and will still write!

                      # # # # # # # # # # #

(Other books will soon be available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French. and other languages…)

In the meantime, please use google to translate to any language for free…

Friday, October 29, 2010


      A Fable                                                    
By Dulce Martins               
Copyright 2010)
Illustrations: Nilton C Souza

               THE TROUBLESOME HATCHING - (1)

Once there was a buzzard… a turkey vulture! He didn’t have a ‘king’s comb’, but was much taller than anyone else in his flock.
From the time he was born he meant trouble to his parents. His birth was accompanied by some unexpected complications. The egg in which he came into this world was rather large, causing his mother to suffer more than any other mother in the neighborhood.
After the hatching, and long before he was expected to be born, he cracked the shell with his feet, and proved not to be like any other vulture in his flock.
The looks of his parents were tender and full of love, though filled with some kind of concern.
‘It was a different way of being hatched, wasn’t it, honey?’ The father posed the question to the mother, finding it strange and unusual.
‘It looked as if his legs wouldn’t fit the shell any longer!’ The mother replied.
The doctor who had helped in the delivery recommended, “Ma’am, you’d better take him to a doctor specialized in bones, an orthopedist.’
After many visits to several doctors, the conclusion was that he was simply a very tall buzzard.
Buzzardean was the name given to him; taller than the rest of his peers. Who could ever imagine that?


Once he started going to school, he really started having problems. Buzzardean was exceedingly tall for elementary school. He had long legs, large open claws, and a clumsy body.
When he made an innocent turn, ‘crack, crunch,’ he broke the other children’s toys. (Of course, he didn’t mean to do it on purpose!) The teachers complained at every PTA meeting and his classmates were somewhat afraid of him.
‘Perhaps you should enroll Buzzardean in Junior High,’ was suggested by some people.  However, his mother knew that his mind was not yet ready for more advanced learning.
Resigning herself, Buzzardean’s mother took the problem to Saint Vulture Junior High. The very sympathetic principal decided to give it a try and accepted him as a student.
The first day of class came. Buzzardean had a backpack hanging around his neck and some books and binders under his wings. His eyes were sparkling with anticipation and excitement about his first day at Junior High.
Buzzardean’s mother, on the contrary, was very hesitant. Buzzardean gave her a quick hug and a goodbye kiss, and started to go in.
Before he could enter, his mother called him back and gave him some advice, ‘Remember! No fighting, no arguing and don’t bother if you hear unkind and nasty remarks about your thighs. Mom and dad are proud of you, and do love you very much!’
She continued, ‘Oh, I almost forgot… Here’s your snack. Remember that delicious meat your father brought home from the road by the new mall? Don’t forget to eat it all! Now you have to eat like the other vultures in your new group. They can’t find out you’re too young for Junior High!’ (In Elementary school Buzzardean was a big fish in a little pond, but in Junior High it was just the opposite: He was a little fish in a big pond!)
There was some more advice from his mother, but Buzzardean was too excited and did not want to hear any more. He wanted to go in immediately and meet his new colleagues, which at least looked about the same size as he did.
As the day went on, Buzzardean discovered it was not going to be easy. So many students, and just one teacher for all of them! To call the attention of the teacher was quite a challenge…
When he raised his wing to try to call her, and before he could even say ‘Mrs.’ she was already gone and was helping another student.
Buzzardean could hardly see what was written on the board from a distance. This was a new discovery. His mother was called to school without delay. (In these matters, the father almost always seems to be absent.)
Before she could say ‘Hi’, the teacher announced, ‘Your son needs glasses!’
‘Glasses?’ The mother asked in surprise.
‘Glasses. Yes, yes!’ The teacher repeated and added, ‘and he’s a bit slow, too.’
Buzzardean’s mother could not believe that her son was really slow. He just didn’t have a full elementary background.


Buzzardean’s growth was somewhat different from the average of the class. He reached adolescence sooner than anyone else of his age. That was certainly because of his size.
And how terrible! His thighs had no feathers!
Now that was a real concern, a reason for belittling and teasing by his peers.
Among other things, this situation was the one that caused him the most pain.
To be obliged to sit around teenagers was not an easy task. Buzzardean had to learn to fly to and fro over the garbage sites. Everywhere, he was noticed not only for his massive body, but also for his clumsy way of moving, walking, flying, and mainly for his featherless thighs.
‘Why no feathers on your thighs, dude?’
‘Is that problem on your thighs hereditary?’
‘Hey, fellow! At which beauty salon did they pluck off your feathers? Did they use wax?’ ‘Oh! Such beautiful legs! Ooh! La, la!
Buzzardean felt there was much teasing, harassing, bullying, annoying jokes and lots of nasty remarks. This was too much for a young buzzard to handle, especially since he hadn’t even become a teenager yet.
He was hurt… Not to mention the cold he felt on his thighs when he flew. It seemed as if his thighs were going to freeze and break right in the middle.
When summer came, everything felt perfect. However, when winter came, everything went ‘purple’!
Hi, there! Are you wearing purple stockings? I really liked the color!’ These were some other unfair remarks he heard.
And what about the girls? We’d better not mention them at all. (Sometimes they would look at him, but not the same way they looked at other guy-vultures.) Buzzardean felt a certain amount of criticism toward himself.
One important aspect Buzzardean did not lack: the love of his parents. He was the only child – their pride and joy!
He almost flunked the seventh grade for the third time., but that didn’t matter. His parents knew that he hadn’t been duly prepared for Junior High. Besides, he was the apple of Mom’s and Dad’s eyes!
Buzzardean’s parents thought that one day he was going to grow up, that is, in other words, he would stop growing, so he would have his circle of stable friends. He would get married and have lots of ‘babies,’ which with a little bit of luck would be normal baby buzzards.
From then on, everything would be as it had always been in the neighborhood.
This was the ultimate dream of a hopeful mother and father for the well-being of their son Buzzardean.


Buzzardean knew he was ‘different.’ He needed no mirror to see that. His friends and peers would let him know all the details.
This experience at school made our big friend somewhat depressed…
He ended up withdrawing from the flock, keeping himself away from undesired conversations.
Thus, he became a bookworm, and one special book touched his heart deeply. ‘Can you guess which one?’
‘Yes, exactly! That book that told the story of a special seagull.’                                                                                                                              That seagull became Buzzardean’s idol! What courage! Buzzardean felt he had much in common with that seagull.
However, Buzzardean was not very interested in flying straight up and down, reaching the most elevated heights or flying so freely like the seagull.
What really got his attention was the fact that the seagull had a goal in life. The goal that seemed strange to the other seagulls in the flock, but that seagull knew exactly what he wanted.
Buzzardean, on the other hand, had no objectives in his life; not a single goal that could give him a reason to live.
He thought over and over about the purpose of his life and wondered if he could ever make a difference in this world.
‘Was his single fate,’ he pondered, ‘to eat the remainders of animal corpses? To search garbage sites for leftovers that humans turned away from… and that all vultures seemed to love so much?’
The city vultures spent their lives digging and turning the dangerous garbage over to find the food they liked better! He remembered that one day a young buzzard had stepped on an open container with some acid and burned his feet or claws very badly.
The burns from the acid almost made his claws disappear completely. That poor little buzzard screamed and cried in real desperate pain, but no one was able to help him in any way.
Buzzardean was so sorry that he couldn’t help him either.
He himself had stepped on needles, broken glass, and old rusty cans…
In one particular class at school, Buzzardean learned that there were other countries that recycled their garbage. Those places didn’t have the abundance of food that the city garbage sites had.
The vultures in the forest, on the other hand, had to spend their lives searching for meat leftovers that other animals didn’t want to eat.
Buzzardean became fascinated and almost shouted, ‘It would be cool to visit a country like that!’
Nevertheless, how could he confess that he thought the garbage site was an ugly, stinky place, not fit for him? But he felt deep in his heart that hadn’t been born for the kind of life he was leading.
Besides that, a very bad smell came from the garbage site! It was simply disgusting!
Buzzardean was already treated differently. Now imagine if he opened his beak to speak of his feelings about their way of living.
No! Buzzardean could not feel grateful or even happy with that kind of life. He thought it over … Then he made up his mind!
Buzzardean let his parents know that he had decided to travel. He would meet new friends in the forest, and perhaps even visit new cultures ad countries.
His parents were both surprised and shocked at the same time about what they had just heard.
‘…But, son…’ Before they could continue, Buzzardean interrupted, ‘It’s no use! I have to go!
Buzzardean insisted so much that the parents could not do anything else regarding his decision…
With the seagull book in his backpack, our unsatisfied big friend flew off.


As he left the city behind, he saw tears in his parents’ eyes, and heard odd remarks from their neighbors.
When Buzzardean was approaching the forest, he began to feel the gentle breeze coming from there and was beginning to surround him.
When he finally reached the forest, he smelled the cool fresh air that entered his nostrils. It seemed to clean the depth of his soul!
How exhilarating! So much green! So many trees on which to land and rest! He felt free to choose any tree he desired.
On his way, several other birds waved, ‘Hello!’ to him…
It seemed to be a totally different world, and he started thinking about his parents back home in that awful place; full of filthy and stinky things. Never did he have the courage to leave!
For the first time he felt some power within.
What should become of that feeling that made his heart beat so strongly!
He no longer heard undesired comments about his height, glasses, or naked thighs…
He only heard the ‘zoom, zoom’ of the wind… the ‘schwa, schwa’ of the trees… the chirping of the birds… and a great, peaceful feeling!
‘Would that be paradise?’ He wondered, ‘But vultures only go to paradise after they die!’
Back in the city garbage site, the vultures thought that paradise was a place similar to the one they already knew…
If they were right, Buzzardean did not want to go to that paradise.
He wanted to go to a paradise that would be similar to the one he now contemplated – full of life and freedom.
After  a while, it inevitably had to happen: Buzzardean began to feel that commonly ‘pain’ inside, showing it was lunchtime. ‘I must land and search for food,’ he thought.
With sharp eyes, he was flying low now. All his senses were turned to survival. ‘Food! Food!’ This was all he could think about now.
Time went by and he saw nothing. The hunger increased and he almost began missing home, where everything seemed so easy! But he could not give up now!
After having experienced this freer world with its new and sweet smell, and all that green, that awakening sensation in his bosom… No, no. He could not turn back now!
It should just be a matter of time. It was necessary to have discipline, and to take control of himself.
He tried to concentrate more, and look for food with even sharper eyes.
Suddenly he saw a clearing. In it there were some meat leftovers that other animals didn’t want to eat. 
          Buzzardean landed, and quickly grabbed a piece, and ate until he hungered no more.
After eating, he rested a while. When he was about to take off and continue his adventure, another vulture interrupted him by landing right beside him.
‘Hey, my friend! You left nothing for me, uh? Said the newly-arrived vulture, as he landed.
Buzzardean said, ‘Oh, there’s still some meat over there that I didn’t touch. Enough to satisfy your hunger, I suppose. At least a little!’
The hungry vulture began to eat voraciously. Interestingly, he didn’t ask his name, nor comment on his height, glasses, or featherless thighs.  Buzzardean was amazed!
He was thrilled to see such a peculiar vulture, so unusual from the ones he had known.
Buzzardean decided to wait till the visitor finished eating. He wanted to get to know him better.
‘Maybe he can become my friend. Who knows?’ Buzzardean thought. (Having a friend was something Buzzardean had never experienced before.)     ‘Think of it. A friend!’ Buzzardean said to himself.
When the visiting vulture finished eating the last chunk of food, he said to Buzzardean, ‘Well, there was actually enough to satisfy my hunger. My name is Urubalpha – A little exotic, don’t you think? I am pleased to meet you! Where do you come from?’
So many questions at the same time. And what did exotic mean?
What a strange name! It looked female, but Buzzardean was sure the visitor was not a female.
‘Why “Urubalpha”?’ Buzzardean dared ask.
‘It’s because I’m always in “alpha”. You know. I’m an easy-going fellow!’
Urubalpha didn’t care much what Buzzardean thought about him. The visitor was interested in answers.
‘What’re doing here? You’re not from around here, are you?
‘No, I come from the city. This is my first experience away from home.’
‘You seem to have experienced serious hardships, my friend! City vultures think it’s a waste of time to come over here. They think life is difficult here.’
‘In fact, it doesn’t look so easy!’ Buzzardean replied, while adjusting his glasses.
‘Oh, those glasses; do you really need them?’
‘I actually don’t know.  My Junior High teacher said so. Then I began wearing them.’
‘Ah, tell me the reason why you came here.’
‘Well, I had an uneasy childhood…’ Buzzardean could hardly believe what was happening. He was having a free conversation with another vulture. Much more than the four or five words he used to use with the city vultures.
Of course, Buzzardean did speak with his parents. They were the only ones available, indeed, but he didn’t feel at ease to speak about every subject.
That new friend now, yes, friend… He actually wanted to hear him and to know about his life and his thoughts.

          Landing on an attractive leafy tree, they continued talking. Buzzardean could express himself openly.
          He spoke of his fears, the prejudices he had to face, his appearance, his desires, and also his great platonic love: Gilda… (What a lovely she-vulture she was!)
          Her father held control over the eastern part of the garbage site… He had a kings comb. To fly over that site was a dream, but it was somewhat forbidden.
          Buzzardean used to watch Gilda fly so marvelously and graciously, with black clean feathers, which looked as if they were blue, under the reflection of the sun.
          Gilda’s father, however, was a fierce individual!  And why did Buzzardean have to fall in love exactly with the princess! He was too tall, wore glasses, and had featherless thighs – To win the princess’ attention was an impossible dream!
          Sometimes she even noticed him! (Or was it compassion only?)
          After long hours of conversation, Urubalpha had no doubt the Bazzardean really needed some help.
          Our existence here on earth sometimes brings about some adversities, in which we have to play a role that is not always praised by our critics.
          Urubalpha knew that Buzzardean’s inferiority complex hindered  him from reaching his full potential. So he decided to interfere, ‘Yes, my dear Buzzardean, your great problem is lack of self-acceptance!’
          ‘Self-acceptance? Yes, maybe; but it’s not easy! You say that because you do not have the same problems I have, and also because you have no uncovered thighs!’
          ‘Does that make you different?’
          ‘On the outside, yes. I feel different.’
          ‘Well, we all are! Similar, but different,’ said Urubalpha. ‘The only real problem is how we deal with that difference! If we find something different deep inside ourselves, or outside, that difference has to be considered good for us, not bad, not a burden, nor as a terrible thing we must bear.’ Urubalpha continued, ‘It is certain that sometimes a change is necessary, but this is not your case, my friend!’
          ‘Then I have to like myself the way I am?’ Buzzardean was astonished and continued, ‘Nobody likes me the way I am. I think I bother them because of that.’
          ‘Come on, Buzzardean! You don’t bother anybody! You simply exist. All of us who are born deserve a place in this world, and it belongs to us by divine right. This place cannot be occupied by anyone else, even if one person has the wrong idea that because of some kind of difference, he is better than we are!’
          ‘My friend Urubalpha,’ (This word sounded so sweet in
Buzzardean’s lips.) ‘Your remarks seem so good! Never has anyone said such words to me before!’
‘Well, Buzzardean, maybe it wasn’t the right time. For everything there is a time. The Universe is attentive, and everything within you was almost ready to burst out. You just didn’t really know how. And that ended up bringing you out here. If you can figure out properly, you will see that your dreams have come true!’
          ‘My dreams! My desires! Yes, yes.’ Buzzardean agreed with Urubalpha’s point of view, ‘I’ve always wanted to be accepted, to talk about what I feel, to laugh without fear, and not have to excuse myself for being the way I am. I feel free now!  It is as if I were floating in the air!’
          Our friend Buzzardean felt so good and wonderful and he almost broke out into pieces emotionally. He shouted out loud, being touched by a new kind of happiness, and he flew up high in the sky!
          Urubalpha stared at him from below with a smile on his face and in his heart. He felt the good feeling of having helped someone find a reason to live happily.
          They stayed together for a very long time.  They spent hours and hours talking, flying, and hunting…
He also learned to eat vegetables, fruits, and roots. He did not eat more than necessary…
          He met other buzzards, vultures, falcons, etc. and found it to be true that those who live in the country are simpler and friendlier than those that live in the city.
          Despite all this, he missed his parents more and more each day.
          How could he experience all that and not share it with them? He would love to convince them to come with him and meet his new friends and have a new and special way of life.
          He had to return home, at least to tell the news, explain what had happened to him, his adventures, and so on.
          ‘Who knows if they are also worried? Besides, I feel more prepared to convince them now.’ Buzzardean thought.
          Everything within himself had been settled, except for the lack of feathers on his thighs. And that was something a little bit hard to accept. Also, there was the freezing problem he felt when he flew. His thighs became like solid stone and ached a great deal, especially during the winter, which was coming quickly again.
          Then he decided to say “goodbye” to his friends and fly back toward the city.


          Inside, he had plenty of things to tell and share with his parents. He would not wait for their questions. He would speak out whether they wanted to hear or not.
          His neighbors would certainly be overwhelmed to know what he had learned and experienced. Now he was a hunter – not only an eater of remainders in the garbage site.
          Thus, flying and thinking about his return, he suddenly saw a clearing in the woods. And far on the ground, he saw something with nice colors, which lured his curious attention.
          He landed… It was a pair of green and yellow baggy bermuda shorts.
          The cold was really bothering his thighs. So he looked at the bermudas, approached himself, and finally put his legs in them. He managed to bring them up to his waist and they fit comfortably, even covering his thighs, but they were somewhat loose at the waist.
          Soon he found a little string, which he was able to tie in the bermudas around his waist with his beak and claws.
          Now he felt elegant, charming and warm!
          At first he didn’t want to fly too high. He wanted to see if they would alter his way of flying.
          They were no bother and did fit snugly.  Most importantly, they made his thighs feel warm and that was what really mattered.

                THE MISLEADING IDEA – (8)

          While he was having fun trying out his baggy bermudas, he saw a “human” by a table, outside a humble house. There was a pan on the fire with a lot of steam coming out of.
          ‘Oh, how terrible! That man is plucking off that vulture’s feathers!’ He thought to himself.
          That vulture’s poor head was hanging to the side. He was actually dead, and Buzzardean could tell so. He was shocked and uttered, ‘That can’t be possible!’
          He landed close by, yet taking the necessary caution not to be seen.
          He wanted to know what the man was actually going to do to that poor buzzard.
          He observed that the man continued plucking off the feathers without any compassion.
          ‘Did he or she have any “children”? Oh, poor “children”! Buzzardean thought.
          He almost attacked the man when he saw him violently plucking off the feathers.
          After cleaning the vulture well, the man put him over the fire to roast for a while, put some spices on. Then he put him inside a pan with olive oil, garlic and salt.
          Buzzardean kept watching closely, wanting to see every detail till the end…
          When it was ready, the man took it out of the pan, called his family, and everyone began to eat a piece.
          Buzzardean’s eyes almost popped out of his face and his heart beat faster and then almost stopped. He was breathing with great difficulty.
          He couldn’t stand being around there any longer. Besides, there was nothing else he could do, because the vulture was already being eaten.
          He felt sad, and concluded: “The humans are now eating vultures!”
          ‘My parents!’ (He suddenly remembered them.) ‘I have to save them!’
          Suddenly this thought came to his mind: “So this is it! All that free garbage in the garbage site is not free at all! The humans are close by, watching us, making us put on weight, so that we cannot fly high. This way, they can catch us more easily!”
          Everything Buzzardean thought fit together and did make sense to him.
          ‘Oh, my poor mom and dad… and Gilda! Would the humans have already eaten them?’ Buzzardean thought and frowned…


          Buzzardean flew up high and speedily in the sky in his new baggy Bermudas in the direction of the garbage site.
          The world was in his hands now, and he couldn’t fail. He had to act fast…
          When he saw the garbage site from afar where he had spent his painful childhood and youth, he anxiously wanted to start speaking. He shouted out loud!
          Everyone looked toward him. Some even came to meet him, but they didn’t understand a thing.
‘Watch out! This is a trap! They are going to kill you all!’ Buzzardean spoke clearer and explained…
‘Dad! Mom! Where are you both?’
His parents were a little old and slow now. They could barely believe what they saw and heard.
Their dear son had returned… But what was that weird thing he was wearing?
‘Strange colors! Are they pants or what?’ The mother said hesitatingly.
The father, lifting his claws up to the forehead said, ‘Our son is wearing baggy bermuda shorts?’
          Buzzardean’s mother, with a happy heart, added, ‘Never mind that now. He is back!’ After Buzzardean landed, he was quickly surrounded by the flock.
          Buzzardean was out of breath. He wanted to say everything all at once. He hugged his parents, who didn’t take their eyes off the baggy bermudas.
          The father, interrupting Buzzardean’s appeals, finally dared ask, ‘Son, why are you wearing this pair of baggy Bermuda shorts?
          ‘BAGGY BERMUDA SHORTS!’ Someone heard and repeated. ‘HE’S WEARING BAGGY BERMUDAS! HA! HA! HA!’ Everyone laughed.
          Another vulture shouted, ‘BUZZARDEAN HAS RETURNED, BUT IN BAGGY BErMUDAS! ISN’T THAT FUNNY? HA! HA! HA!’ Everyone laughed again.
          Buzzardean didn’t pay any attention and continued, “Dad, Mom. I learned and saw so many beautiful things in the forest! But there is no time to explain it now. Let us leave this place immediately. The humans are watching us. They’re going to eat all of us if we stay here!’
          The crowd was still yelling and laughing. He could hardly make himself heard.
Buzzardean became very mad and flew straight up in his baggy bermudas, which were flapping ferociously against the wind.
          The crowd continued scoffing and mocking at him. ‘We’ve never seen a BAGGY BERMUDA BUZZARD before!’ They repeated and thought it was hilarious, and continued laughing.
          Even the sophisticated fellows from the east side came to see what was happening. Among them was Gilda, who was amazed to see all that.
          Up in the sky, Buzzardean shouted again, ‘Listen to me! You are all in the middle of a big trap! You all have to leave this place immediately before it is too late!’ Buzzardean also explained about the place in the forest with no garbage sites, where they could live freely and happily…
          However, no one wanted to hear what Buzzardean had to say. Even his parents nodded their heads in disbelief. They were ashamed and discomforted because of the son’s attitude and retired to their nests.
Buzzardean was totally disappointed! Sorrowful and thoroughly misunderstood by everyone, he flew straight up in the sky again and then made a quick downturn… a spectacular dive!
The cold wind felt cutting against his skin because the string came loose from around his waist, causing him to lose his bemudas, leaving his thighs exposed.
Within just a few seconds his thighs became purple because of the cold wind.
Buzzardean was desperate with the loss of his baggy bermudas. He was still worried about the bermudas that protected his thighs and didn’t notice that he was swiftly approaching the ground. Everything happened so unexpectedly and because of his eye problem, he actually hit the ground!        
‘AH!!!’ A general cry from the crowd. The flock could hardly believe what had happened. They lamented and moaned.
Buzzardean’s parents heard the news: ‘BAGGY BERMUDA BUZZARD KILLED HIMSELF.'

The mother fainted, so the father had to take care of her.
Poor Buzzardean! There he was still and motioneless on the ground, surrounded by old trash. Broken glasses… A bleeding face… a last sigh and a look that no longer could say anything.
Gilda flew swiftly to the place where he was. Now in the arms of the most coveted and most desired she-vulture of the flock was Buzzardean.
No one had truly understood what had happened or why Buzzardean had done all that.
Little by little all the vultures flew away. Everyone nodding in reproof; some feeling sorry, and others - no one knew what they were thinking.
Among the vultures now, only one general comment: ‘Did you see what happened to Baggy Bermuda Buzzard?’ ‘Why the bermuda shorts, uh?’ ‘What was he really trying to say?’
No one had actually understood a single thing!

        IS THERE A HAPPY ENDING – (10)

When Gilda lifted her eyes to contemplate the sky, guess what she saw. It was Buzzardean’s pair of bermuda shorts still drifting in the air. Finally, it slowly fell to the ground, just a little distance from where they were.
Gilda thought of getting them to put them on Buzzardean. To her surprise, at this very moment, she saw that one of his wings had moved. Then she perceived that the other one also moved.
‘Was it possible that Buzzardean had just fainted and was still alive?’ Gilda thought. She could hardly believe it and anxiously pleaded, “Buzzardean, Buzzardean. Wake up! Wake up!’
‘Ah, ouch! My head! What happened?’ Buzzardean groaned.
‘Buzzardean, don’t move! You hit your head. You violently hit the ground when you were diving. How can you still be alive?’ Gilda asked in disbelief of what she saw.
‘Gilda, tell me. What has really happened? I remember I was trying to…’ (He stopped for a while.)
          ‘What?’ Gilda wanted to know, but first she tried to calm him down, and then continued, ‘You were desperately trying to convince everyone to leave this place. You mentioned that the humans were now killing and eating vultures, and that you had found a place to make us free. What did you really mean?’
‘Yes. That’s it! I remember everything now… But why didn’t they believe me?
‘Perhaps they thought you were mistaken.’ She said.
‘What? You too? Don’t you believe me, Gilda?’
‘Oh, that’s not the case. I think you said something that is impossible to happen. The humans have never eaten vultures before. You also mentioned a terrible scene you saw in a clearing that made you come quickly to advise us to leave the garbage site. Would you take me to that scene, so we can find out together what really happened? Maybe I could be of help to you…’
‘Sure! I would. It will be a pleasure!’ He answered.
‘Buzzardean, tell me more about that place you first went to.’ Gilda was interested to know.
‘The forest?’ Buzzardean wanted to understand the question.
‘Yes. Exactly!’ Gilda affirmed.
Buzzardean was happy that Gilda was interested in knowing about it and continued, ‘It’s fantastic! No garbage sites, no teasing, or jeering. Lots of friendly individuals…’
‘Could I fly with you over there later?’ Gilda requested.
          ‘Of course you could!’ Buzzardean answered and Gilda continued, “Buzzardean, I also think this place has nothing to do with me. I can’t stand this bad smell any longer.’
          Buzzardean happily added, ‘Gilda, you are going to love it there! You will enjoy the beautiful leafy trees, the breeze, and the perfume of the flowers…’
          Buzzardean could hardly believe what was happening. This was a dream come true! He was talking freely with the King’s daughter and she also seemed very interested…
          ‘Do you think you are able to fly now?’ Gilda asked with a little concern for his wounds.
          ‘I think I can fly with no problems. Have you seen my glasses?’ Buzzardean asked.
‘Glasses? They’re totally broken.’ Gilda replied.
          ‘Oh, how am I going to see well without them?’ He asked.
          ‘Maybe you don’t need them any more!’ She answered.
          ‘You may be right because I can see you perfectly well.’
          Staring the ground around, Buzzardean saw his baggy bermudas nearby.
Looking into Gilda’s  eyes he asked, ‘Should I continue wearing them?’
          Smiling, Gilda timidly answered, ‘I don’t see why not. You looked so very elegant in them.’ And suddenly changed the subject saying, ‘Buzzardean, not that I’m unhappy, but I’m still amazed at the fact that you miraculously survived.’
          While Buzzardean was putting on his bermudas, she examined the ground where Buzzardean had fallen. She found out that he fell right onto a piece of Styrofoam mattress covered with dirt. It was very thick and soft, which made it possible to save his life…
          Hand in Hand, or wings touching wings, they flew away. First to the site where Buzzardean had seen the man kill the vulture.
          They examined the feathers that had been plucked off. Then they finally concluded that it was really a hen that the man had killed to eat – not a vulture! They both laughed out loud at his previous mistaken conclusion.
          Hand in Hand again, they flew out in the blue sky until they reached the forest.
          There, our Baggy Bermuda Buzzard and his beloved Gilda knew and loved the place and decided to live there happily… ever after!!!

D   E   D   I   C   A   T   I   O   N
I dedicate this book to all people of the world, as well as my own children and grandchildren…


I give special thanks to my husband Joseph for his love, companionship, and support regarding this and other books I have written and will still write! I also extend special thanks to  illustrations made byNilton Cesar Souza, and to my niece, Bianca Barbetta for her great job in helping with the set up of this blog.

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